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Defibrillator Mounting Solutions & Medical Services

For a number of years now the NHS ambulance services have been an integral part of our business. We have worked very closely with local and national services offering repair and manfacuring services for there medical equipment. From the experience gained from these services, we as a company have diversified into the complete manufacture and supply / fitting of Defibrillator Mounting Systems, suitable for all Zoll ™ devices used in the EMS and Hospital environments. We now supply various ambulance services and EMS suppliers throughout the world. All of our mounting systems are CEN compliant and have been tested to the highest standard. Below are a few services we currently supply mounting systems for:-

  • Welsh Ambulance Trust
  • West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Zoll - Benelux
  • Zoll - Italy
  • St John's Ambulance Service
  • North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • South West Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Medist Imaging - Romania
  • Dlouhy - Austria
  • South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Evalina Childrens - South Thames Retrieval Service
  • Guys and St Thomas's Hospital London
  • Highlands Medical Centre, Scottsboro USA
  • Zoll Medical - Runcorn

Ambulance Mounting Solutions

We offer a vast range of EMS Mounting Solutions to suit various vehicle layouts. Our older mounting System (The Easy-Loc) is suitable for Zoll M,E,R, Propaq and X-Series Devices. We now offer our newest mounting system for the Zoll X-Series and Propaq devices. The Easy-Doc mounting system comes in a variety of options. This version comes complete with on-board charging facility and a Soft Close feature to ease with the unloading of the device from the bracket. This feature has been developed to help solve the problem most services face with musculoskeletal injuries. This allows the user to lift the device out with two hands safely giving the operator 4-5 seconds to lift the device out with ease. 


RRV Mounting Solutions

Autopulse Hospital Stands

If you have any enquires for your zoll mounting needs, please contact us for further details and pricing.

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